Interessantes über Karzai...



Geschrieben von dira am 25. Dezember 2001 19:07:53:

 Die Le Monde brachte einen Artikel über den neuen Machthaber
in Afghanistan, in dem ein interessantes Detail offengelegt wird (ins Englische übersetzt):

"(...) Hamid Karzai, who is as comfortable discussing sitting on a carpet as in

a Washinton or London "salon", has a profound knowledge of the western world.

After Kaboul and India, where he has studied law, he completed his learnings

[apprenticeship ?] in the USA, where he acted, for a while, as a consultant for

the American oil company Unocal, at the time it was considering building a

pipeline in Afghanistan. (...)" 

Le Monde Artikel

 Wir haben doch nichts anderes erwartet, oder ?

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